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The goal is to raise funds and awareness of homeless issues facing residents of Cambridge, Ontario. Beginning on February 6, 2017 and running through to May 6, 2017, Paul Tavares spent 90 days living on a private parcel of land in downtown (Galt) Cambridge. The campaign garnered a tremendous amount of media coverage. The campaign raised an impressive amount of food and clothing donations and the financial goal of raising $10,000 was surpassed.

Recipients of the fundraising efforts were: Cambridge Shelter Corporation, CVCF – Urban Hope, Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

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Our Mission is to Educate

Based on the tremendous success of our initial campaign, 90 Days and Nights in the Cold is launching our new campaign, “A Tale of 13 Cities”. Paul officially sets up his tent on January 6, 2019 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

This will continue across 13 cities with the final leg set to be in Cambridge, Ontario, April 6, 2019. Paul will live in his tent for one week in each city during the coldest time of the year – and in some of the most remote cities in northwestern Ontario. Once again the goal is to spend 90 days and nights in a tent to bring a new perspective to homeless living in Ontario.

Back to the Beginning

Watch our first day of the 90 Days and Nights in the Cold campaign back in 2017.